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About Us

We created The Literary Spot to bring together the people most important to us in a way that’s focused, valuable, and––most importantly––all our own. There’s no question it’s a different approach. And a new one, which may have a bit of a learning curve. We could have created a group somewhere else, but we chose this path for a few key reasons.

Why You Should Join Us

We're aiming to make your experience here awesome. We want you to get five key things from The Literary Spot:

  • You will receive notifications of our LIVE Radio Interviewing Platform "The Literary Lounge" on WTLR Radio Network. 

  • You will receive newsletters involving the newest releases to drop for the month!

  • We will highlight each member(author), to give them an opportunity to introduce themselves.

  • You will get a 20% discount on all advertisements on our site.

  • You'll also be able to obtain our company magazine "TL Monthly" for 40% OFF it's retail price.

A Big Thanks

To make this a reality, we’re going to need your help. Every time you contribute a story, experience, or idea, you’re building a knowledge base every member of this community can tap to make better decisions. And when you invite in as few as two new members, you’re adding rocket fuel to what this community can accomplish together. It doesn’t get any better than that.


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